Lorrie Hull Smithers is an acting teacher and author of the classic acting-training work Strasberg’s
. Method: As Taught by Lorrie Hull
. She is also featured in the commercially-available acting-training DVDs
.  “The Method” and “The Method II.” Currently, she conducts classes and private coaching in Santa Barbara and
.  Santa Monica. For nine years, Lorrie was co-host of the Santa Barbara Channels program “Alive After 65.” When
.  her partner on that show became unavailable, the producer asked Bill to sign on. He did, and later the couple
.  renamed the show “Just Between Us!”


 William Smithers
 is an actor/director who, early in his career, received a Theatre World Award for his Broadway debut as Tybalt
.in Romeo and Juliet; and an Obie Award for his Off-Broadway performance as Treplev in Chekhov’s The Sea Gull.  He has appeared or guest-
.starred in nearly 400 television productions, including the television “Hamlet” (Laertes); the popular series “Peyton Place” (David
.Schuster); “Dallas” (JeremyWendell); the “Bread & Circuses” episode of “Star Trek” (Merik) and in six feature films, including “Attack!” (Lt.
.Woodruff) and “Papillon” (Warden Barrot). From 2003-2005, he produced and directed the Santa Barbara Theatre of the Air,
.broadcasting works of classic and contemporary playwrights on KCSB, the radio station of the University of California at Santa Barbara. From
.2010 to 2011 he served on the Board of Directors of TV Santa Barbara, where “Just Between Us!” was produced.

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