George Hassan ~ Author, “Iran: Harsh Arm of Islam”
May 3rd, 2011 by StarCapt

For Santa Barbara Channel 17, Lorrie and Bill interview
some of the area’s most interesting people.

. Former Manson “Family” Prosecutor and best-selling author Vincent Bugliosi • County District Attorney
. Joyce Dudley • Amazing model railroad master Gary Siegel • Heart transplant survivor Elizabeth
. Pratt
• Co-Founder, Academy of Cannabenoid Medicine (medical marijuana) Dr. David Bearman
. Rob Fredericks (Common Ground) • Eye surgeon Dr. Michael J. Paveloff (SEE International) •
. Executive Director, Mental Health Ass’n. Annmarie Cameron • Immigration Attorney Arnold S. Jaffe
. Chief Curator, SB Museum of Art Eik Kahng • “Educator of the Year – Grades 7-12” Amir Abo-Shaeer • Evironmental Services
. Supervisor Stephen MacIntosh • Founder of “Camp Wheez” Dr. Myron Liebhaber Founder, South Coast Karate Brian Jordan • SB County Public Defender Greg Paraskou • TV Santa Barbara Executive Director Matt SchusterGeorge J. Wittenstein, M.D. (“The White Rose” in World War II Germany) • SB Chief of Police Camerino Sanchez • Program Manager, Backyard Bounty Doug HagensenChristel J. Bejenke, M.D. (Anesthesiology & hypnosis) • 1961 Freedom Rider Jorgia BordofskyProfessor William Robinson (accused of anti-Semitism) • Former News-Press Editor Jerry Roberts (“Is California an Ungovernable State?”) • Marborg Industries President Mario Borgatello • Roman Catholic Womenpriests Suzanne Dunn & Patricia Sandall • Neurosurgeon Alois Zauner, M.D. (Stroke: symptoms, prevention, treatment) • Melinda Burns & Ira Gottlieb (“The News-Press Meltdown”) • Audrey Addison Williams (protesting Arizona’s anti-immigration laws) • 14-year-old award-winning pianist Sophia ZhengPaul Monge & Guadalupe Cruz (UCSB Foodbank feeds cash-strapped students) • SB mayoral candidate Helene Schneider • SB Facilities and Energy Manager James Dewey (the city’s innovative energy production) • Pet Assisted Therapy President Bonnie Wagner (pooches visit patients) • Boxtales Theater Co. Artistic Dir. Michael AndrewsDeanna Robbins & Jo Bittner (Soroptimist Int’l.’s “Safety Town”) • Entrepreneurs Julie Beaumont & Sara Coffman (Local Harvest Delivery) • SB Channels Board President Candi Corbani • President-Elect, Musical Academy of the West Scott Reed • Future Leaders of America Program Director Patty Quiroz • Authors Barnaby Conrad, Ursula Mahlendorf, Michael Mehas, Mary Rose Betten, Patricia Kokinos, Jose Levy Martin, Robert Sollen, Willard Thompson, Joyce Geeting, Geoff Aggeler, Cheri McDonald, Ph.D., George Hassan, Barrie Bergman, Cindy Laverty and many other intriguing guests.

Recorded April 13, 2011 ~ Playing Time: 28:29 

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(Mr. Hassan, born in Iran before that country became an Islamic Republic, gives his view
of the nature of Islam and spells out how he thinks we in the West should view
that country.)  



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3 Responses  
  • Kathleen Amos writes:
    May 11th, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    I appreciate words about this timely issue coimng straight from a horses mouth. I do not want a “Westerner” to tell me what is going on in the Middle East. Thank you for this information and insight.

  • Gerge H. Hassan writes:
    May 6th, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    Hi Timothy,
    Thank you very much for your elevating comment.
    My hope is to inform and alert the Western world particularly the American children that what Iranian children are really taught about, Koran, Shari’a, and Islam.
    For American children to learn; how Iranian children are deliberately kept in the dark about true nature of Shiite teaching, and how it influences their lives.
    For American children to experience through the eyes of those who live there and how the reach and effect of a radical Islam can touch them in the life they live right here in America and how the Islam shaped the future of the unsuspecting innocents.
    For American children to know; who are these people and what is their radical fundamental ideology, their cagy and perilous philosophy?
    I want them to experience reality instead of the glossed over, made to control philosophy that runs them.
    Finally, because:
    “I believe it is time for the world’s Muslims to do some soul searching and for Islam to look into the mirror. And we shall hold up that mirror to Islam.”
    George H. Hassan

  • Timothy Black writes:
    May 5th, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    Very informative. A great encapsulation of the recent struggle Iran and its people have gone through.

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